About Me

Hi! I'm Sara. The one rocking the Snuggie.

I live in Louisiana - where everything comes fried. It's the place of dreams, y'all.

I'm a married mother of four- a peekapoo (Jean-Claude), an Australian cattle dog (Penny Lane), a three-legged pit bull (Duke), and a cat (Po the ninja).

I'm a full-time worker, part-time student, and all-time smartass.

When I'm not busy working and going to school, I force my husband to watch The Newlywed Game, overreact to tiny situations, and practice my sweet juggling skills.

Ahem. Uh, the end.


  1. I love your blog. I've been laughing my ass off :) Just out of curiosity, why do you say "totes" alot? Am I super old and have no clue what it means? haha.

  2. Yeah your blog fucking kicks ass for damn sure. Fucking glad I found it.

  3. Just stumbled across your blog and you are hilarious. So glad I found this.

  4. Girl, just found your blog. You are a fucking riot. Following now now now. I'm glad someone else can talk so bluntly about genitalia.

  5. Someone left a comment on an old post (from 2 years ago) and I reread a comment you left about mentioning Britney Spears in your about me section. Did you delete it? :)