Best Of.

Ahem. According to me. See, no one has ever emailed me or tweeted me or called out to me and said, "Sara, holy shit! That one post from early 2010 was the bomb! If you had a Best Of list, I would totally tell you to put it on there!" which would be mighty helpful. Since that isn't the case, I've gone through my blog and found posts that made me think, "Fuck, I am awesome," and ta-da! A list was born!

I'm Pretty Sure Snuggies Just Made My Life - Or the one where I created the most awesome GIF to ever be created.

Besides this one, obviously.

Pajama Jeans 4 Lyfe - Or the one where I discover the beauty of Pajama Jeans and offer sexual relations to a PR guy.

You're Welcome, Community - Or the one where a Circle K employee steals $100 from me and I go ghetto.

INTOXIVLOG! - Or the one where I laugh for forever at a blow up doll.