Thursday, July 14, 2011

Karaoke Ring of Death: Covers/Rip-Offs

It's that time of the month again everyone. No, not the time when I cry a lot and watch Lifetime movies and make Andy look at pictures of adorable Asian babies on the internet. It's Karaoke Ring of Death time!

The theme for this month was thought up by Alexandra. This month is covers/rip-offs! I originally wanted to do this idea so I could sing Fergilicious, but luckily I was able to accomplish that last month. Drunkenly. I was going to make a video this month, but as usual, I was lame and didn't get to it.

I'm going to blame this month's lameage on the fact that I adopted a kitten last week, and I'm absolutely fucking terrified of her. I've never had a cat before, so I'm learning all sorts of new things, like the fact that kittens are fucking insane, and they will eat your face if you stop petting them. I seriously spent two hours the other night petting the kitten because I was afraid she was going to attack me if I stopped. It's like my cat is raping my mind. I start to hate her a little sometimes, but then she does something super adorable like asking if she can haz cheezeburger, and then I'm fucked and in love with her all over again. Abuse is a dirty cycle, y'all.

Andy & PoCat (she probably attacked me right after this photo was taken)

My other excuse is that I HAVE A WEDDING IN TWO AND A HALF MONTHS AND I'M LOSING MY SHIT. I am so not that person who gets all stressed about teeny tiny details, but there's still a lot of shit to do, and every time I show Andy something like these awesome zombie cake toppers I found, he's just like, "Sure, whatever you want, baby," and I'm all, "PICK SOMETHING SO I DON'T HAVE TO OR I WILL THROAT PUNCH YOU RIGHT NOW." Because I'm a woman, and that's how we react to things like this. On a fun note, I took engagement pictures last weekend. After my photographer person is finished editing the rest, I'll write a post about it and let you guys see some more because I'm conceited like that. (Except that one picture where it looks like I have a giant person arm and Andy has tiny hands like the guy in that BK commercial because my arms are the most giant things in the freaking world, and it ain't muscle, y'all.)

It's a cheesefest up in hurr.

Now on to the show!

This month, I have the privelege of hosting a girlcrush of mine. She's gorgeous, and she's funny, and she's humble, AND she played an insane Charlotte in a Charlotte's Web theater remake, in which Charlotte killed a whole shitload of people and carried a pig head around that talked to her. And it's a comedy! You should definitely go to her blog now at Smile Big and Pretty, because you'll probably be just like me and love her and email her and print out her pictures to hang on your wall. Wait, what?

Without further ado......

More Karaoke goodness:
David with TV on the Radio
Jess with Poker Face
Alexandra with Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Shannon with Angel
Jes with Do You Wanna Touch Me
Tabs with It's a Beautiful Day
Kanriah with Hurt
Nicole with Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now


  1. Jas, I love this video SOHARD. Seriously. You are amazing and I want you to be on TV or in a movie so badly, not only because you're my friend and that would make me almost famous by association, but because you are obviously meant to be seen. Not to mention the fact that your singing voice is crazy good!

    And the end of that video had me in giggles for a while at work. :)

  2. I loved the dancing cat. Also, I'm So glad I didn't do a reba song like I considered doing because no way would I have done as good of a job. Our had such an awesome costar like your cat. The end was great too. Definitely answered whether you knew & was ignoring it or not.

    Such a great job.

  3. Holy crap, you are amazing. That is a killer voice you have.

    Also, loved the guy in the background with the nasal spray.

  4. Congrats on the pending nuptials and for not caving-in Andy's throat. I never thought of having a cat as being in an abusive relationship, but oh so true. It makes me think that old cat ladies must have suffered some major trauma as a child that forces them to seek out dozens of abusive surrogates.

  5. Extra points for amusing background antics!

    Also, small correction: my song is Heroes. The artist is TV On The Radio.
    It's all good though, Sara. After all, you've got a buttload of stuff to deal with.

  6. Man people are seriously slacking with the comments on everyones videos! Lets get some karaoke love encouragement comments going on!

    Jas I cheated and watched your video on youtube because it was posted and I was of course put to shame by the quality!

  7. Oh also Jas this is one of my favorite songs and I had no clue it was a cover! I do this song during IRL karaoke all the time!

  8. Jas, having your video on the master list with all the posts is the most unfair thing in the whole entire world and I'm so glad I actually watched it last. I mean, I knew it would be amazing, but just. RUDE, being all insanely gifted in KROD? What the hell.

    Anyway, this is about 19 thousand kinds of amazing, from your ability to actually sing, your being generally adorable, and the cameo performances at the end. lovelovelove.

  9. I love that you're still doing this - I think I first subscribed when you were first starting this karaoke ring up... love it!


  10. Cat rape is truly tragic. You are so brave!

  11. I think you know the guts that how you can attract people to your post.You are doing a fine job.Keep it up.

  12. Good luck with the gato. That's cat in the Spanish, in case you were wondering.

  13. I think it is hysterical that you are afraid of your kitten! I often wonder as I am petting my dog who wouldn't hurt a fly..well, she HAS slobbered bees to death so I guess she would hurt a fly but whatever. Anyway, as she is kissing my face and cuddling as close as she can legally, this thought enters my brain. What if she suddenly goes all Cujo on my ass and rips my face off with those huge teeth? I would be so screwed. Anyway....congrats on the upcoming wedding!! Your pic is gorgeous!!!

  14. Wow- you have an amazing voice, Jas! I would have loved to have seen you watch that video and see the dancing cat that had been behind you!

  15. An insane kitten waiting to rip your face off... brilliant! So funny!
    Just come across your blog and I love it. I'm so glad it isn't just me that swears alot!

  16. Hey, Cheesefess kissy andy face. Post an update or we are having a fight. No one wants mussed hair for their honeymoon. (Once the honeymoon has started, then the mussing will begin) Especially for two virgins, such as yourselves.

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