Friday, June 10, 2011

Karaoke Ring of Death: High School Style

It's Karaoke Ring of Death time, y'all! We had a short break last month because of me being a busy fun ruiner, and I'm glad to get back to drankin' and sangin' myself into embarrassment. This month was an especially awkward one. I attempted to count the number of awkward moments, but I forgot what came after one zillion billionty. If you want to see my video, you can find it at Alexandra's blog, The Tsaritsa.

This month, I am super stokedexcited to get to have Erin from Post Modern Talk-O on my blog. Her videos always make me laugh, and she looks like a natural in front of a camera. Plus her boobs looked awesome in 20sb's Vlog Day video. I just want to follow her around and laugh at her jokes all day. Maybe we could be sister wives?

Without further ado.... Erin singing "My Own Worst Enemy."

Hey, party people in the place to be. I'm Erin from The Post Modern Talk-o and I'm extra stoked to be on Sara's page this month. I even wore my pajama jeans, commando. I super hope that if you're a regular reader of her you'll make your rounds and check out all the vloggers on this list. The internet has talent, man. Well, we've got webcams at the very least. Check out Kandace from One Red Wall for double sure over on my page with her rendition of Sorry Ms Jackson. You're gunna love it.

Ok, so my entry might have been better as a one hit wonder but I have a zillion memories of me and my friends piled into a hand me down car pushing the one good speaker a full blast listening to this song. The perfect anthem for reckless teenage abandon and bad dancing.

If you haven't barfed in your mouth yet, but really really want to head over to my Video Page for lots and lots of other vlogs. (It's a post modern thing)

You can find the rest of the karaoke singers at the links below:

Kandace with Sorry Mrs. Jackson
Tabs with Sadie Hawkins Dance
Bianca with The Hardest Part of Breaking Up (Is Getting Back Your Stuff)
Jes with Can I Get a Fuck You
Daniella with She Will Be Loved
TJ with Naked
Alexandra with Intergalatic Planetary
Dawana with Bills, Bills, Bills
K. Syrah with She Will Be Loved
David with Song 2
Nicole with Seventy Times 7


  1. Erin, I totally dig your floppy dancing! I saw Lit the summer after 9th grade and it was pretty awesome. Great song, and you really can sing :)

  2. MY MOMMY SAYS I'M SKINNY. Erin is my favorite person of ever to watch on video, and that includes porn. Also, I want to hang out with high school you. I bet we could be angsty together.

    Also, also: someone is singing Sadie Hawkins Dance?! I'M GEEKING OUT.


  3. Erin, I think you look amazing in black and white AND in color. Either way, I'd tap that. This really is one of those songs that you just blast and sing obnoxiously loud with friends. I don't think I've ever met a person who said they hated this song.

    Also, I think Lor meant "especially in" rather than "and that includes" in her first paragraph.

  4. Wow, this song definitely takes me back! Sadly, every time I go to the bar the cover band almost always plays some version of this song, and I'm ALWAYS doing the floppy dancing! Glad to see someone else does that too! AWESOME JOB, ERIN!

  5. Erin, your vlogs just make me so happy in the pants. This is amazing, and such a fun song. Also you can actually sing. I didn't get the memo about that being a thing here.

  6. Oh wow, this is awesome. I'm sort of sad that I didn't do it this timeee, but maybe I can slink in next month? Perhaps. #idk

    Watching the video was way too fun. Sepiacolourbrilliance.

  7. Mine's been posted if you want to link it, at Daniella's blog :).

    And I'll be watching these all as soon as I'm at home tonight :D can't wait!

  8. OMG I loved this song! Whatever happened to LIT? Also you're fabulous and I loved your mixtape. We totes would have been friends in HS.

  9. So I'm so far behind, but Erin, this kicked ass. :)