Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, Or Some Shit Like That

I'm a little behind on bloggy things because Lorraine and I are geniuses and are running a new website. We've recruited three other snarky bloggers to help us read/review/mock books from our childhood, like Sweet Valley High, Goosebumps, etc. Hopefully we'll have the site up and running in the next couple of weeks, and then I can get back to posting about my Dallas trip. Stay tuned for more information!

My week in iPhone photos:

My sister got me a birthday present. She apparently knows my sense of humor. Obviously, Andy and I immediately put it above his side of the bed because LOL, y'all. That shit is funny.

My dad recently started attending the same university as me to get yet another degree. He's only up there once a week, and he makes a point to embarrass my (other) sister and me as much as possible by yelling HEY! MY LOVELY DAUGHTERS! FANCY SEEING YOU HERE! HEY EVERYONE, LOOK AT ME AND MY LOVELY DAUGHTERS, ATTENDING COLLEGE TOGETHER, AREN'T WE ALL SO CUTE? I came out of class one night to find this on the back of my dirty ass car:

I used to work as an administrative assistant/office manager/resident bitch for an air conditioning company, run by an old, creepy man who constantly called his wife "HunnyyyyBunnyyyyyyyy" in my presence. Ew. Just.... ew. I left the company about a year and a half ago and haven't thought of them much since. Until this pulled up next to me at a red light:

In case you can't see it clearly, it has a pornographic picture of a woman in a bathing suit with the caption, "Your wife is sooo hot! She wants her AC fixed right now!"

Just picturing that ridiculously old man put this poster together makes me vom a little in my mouth.

Another reason I've been unable to post is because I've been so super busy watching Andy build a porch. Sitting in a chair, reading Sweet Valley High, and glancing up occasionally to say, "That looks cute," is exhausting, y'all.



PajamaLoveSexJeans, IT IS SO ON.


  1. Build Andy, build. Good boy.

    We want to see the pajama jeans in action. NOWZ

  2. I thought I'd see a picture of you in your Pyjamajeans. WHAT THE HELL, SARA.

    Also, your dad is hilarious. Clearly, this runs in the family.


  4. lmfao at your Dad!! bahahaha!! the car pic is awesome!

    I call my boyfriend honey bunny, bhahahahaha!!

  5. I must look into these pajama-sex-jeans, and see if they make them for men. If they don't...well...let's not talk about what I might do.

    My dad had a sign in his office that read, "Don't go in the water, fish fuck in it." Something tells me you'd love that.

  6. Your dad sounds pretty fun!

    I'm so pumped that you and Lorraine and your nameless snarky bloggers will be joining in on what can only be described as the best website ever.

    (Have I ever mentioned that I have Sweet Valley Confidential on my to-read list? I would hang my head in shame if I wasn't so busy being awesome.)

  7. I bought SVC the day it came out, Jennifer. You must read and get back to me! There is no shame in Sweet Valley Land. :)

  8. No worries about you being busy and away from the blogosphere. With all the porch building watching, cock picture oogling, and navigating away from your dad at school you must be one busy chick. Your new site sounds like it will be an amusing one!

  9. Pajama Jeans! You must must must post a picture of them!

    Also, I was a huge fan of Sweet Valley High books...did you know they are creating a re-make show of it for current times? crayzay, i know


  10. They're making a movie! Diablo Cody is writing it, and it's set in the 80s. :) Obviously, I will be having a viewing party the second it comes out on DVD. (Because you know that shit isn't going to the big screen.)

  11. I love this post, everything about it. Le Coq. DAD WAS HERE and the creepy air conditioning poster. I actually really like the poster.. just feel a teensy bit sorry for you that you had to endure his presence.

  12. The fact that you mentioned everything in this post makes me happy. :)

  13. This is the second time this week someone has referenced Sweet Valley High. WTF? Apparently the author released a new book this week catching up with the girls, who are now women. And surprise surprise?! It is not getting good reviews. I loved me some SVH back in the day.

    I must learn more about Pajama jeans and I MUST see a photo of you in your Pajama Jeans.

    I hope you are taking care of yourself, by the way. Supervising a construction site, is no small task.

  14. His tools look like a lego set. ARE YOU BUILDING A LEGO PATIO?!!?

    I would like an invite.

  15. I love your dad!! Especially since, you know... he's my uncle and everything...

  16. Pajama Jeans on deck. Someone's getting some ass to tonight. ;)

  17. Ahh...pajama jeans. You are livin' the dream, friend. I found your blog the other day, and feel you may be my long lost sister/cousin/sister wife or something. Seriously, If you need another to ruthlessly mock YA literature, I am all over that. I could speak on Lurlene McDaniel books for DAYS! Check out my blog some time. thatgirlinthewheelchair(dot)com

  18. You get to just watch Andy build it? I can't get away with that. Apparently I HAVE to help. Even though I generally want to hire someone to build that shit and get it doe but noooooooooooooo. He's gotta do it and not finish it. hahah

  19. ZOMG it's been years since I even thought about SVH! I have a stack of them in the attic next to my overly abundant set of Babysitter's Club books. Another blast from the past? Are You Afraid of the Dark on Nickelodeon (before they started playing crappy shit).

    I'm glad for your dad. Nobody in my family has a degree, and my mom has said (sadly) that I'm probably the only one who is going to get a college degree. Why sadly? Because my sister is only 15. A freshman in high school. That being said, she's not all that interested in school. And my brother dropped out of college after 2 semesters. My parents never went. Neither did my grandparents. I have a few aunts, uncles, and cousins that did, but not much contact with them. And I'll be the first to even attempt graduate school. Taking it from that perspective....I would love to be able to say that my parents were in (or graduated from) college. I'd be infinitely proud of them. My sister too. And my brother.

  20. My roommate and I want to get a pair of pajama jeans! You'll have to tell me how awesome they look on. There is nothing better than reading pre-teen novels in pajamas that also are stylish and you don't have to worry about buttoning :)

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