Thursday, April 14, 2011

Karaoke Ring of Death: One Hit Wonders

It's karaoke time, y'all! I'll be using my school finals/wedding planning as an excuse yet again as to why I didn't make a video this time. "/ Don'tjudge.

Here are just a few examples of what you'll see as you click through the links to watch all the amazing One Hit Wonder song choices. We have dancing, drunkenness, and plenty of singing to go around. We'll be taking a break from the Karaoke Ring of Death next month, but if you want in for the next round, send me an email at tatorhead328 at yahoo dot com, and I'll make sure to add you to the email list. If you'd like to see karaoke videos from months past, just click that little Karaoke Ring of Death tab at the top of this page. On to the show!

Alicia is a Karaoke Ring of Death virgin, and she is officially on my list of amazing people for choosing to RICKROLL the fucking Karaoke Ring. You won this round, Alicia. Rickrolling is always a win. ALWAYS.

K. Syrah and her hawt husband made a gorgeous video that might have maybe given me goosebumps except that I'm so not lame enough to get teary eyed at a video of two people in love singing together. Ahem.

And here is Alexandra the Tsaritsa, who chose a song that I had completely forgotten about and immediately ran to download when she mentioned that she would be singing it. Plus she hasn't missed a karaoke ring yet because she's a badass. Without further ado...

Check out the rest of the karaoke singers at the links below. Again, thanks everyone for participating, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next time!

K. Syrah with I'll Be
Tsaritsa with Little Black Backpack
Alex with The Freshman
Katie with Breathless
Cassie with Lovefool
TJ with Died In Your Arms Tonight
Coyote Rose with I Wanna Be Bad
Tristachio with Final Countdown
Jes with Mother Mother
Ash with Mickey
Nyx with Achy Breaky Heart
Daniella with Hit Em Up Style
Erin with Drops of Jupiter
Kandace with Play That Funky Music
Bianca with No Rain
DB with Tainted Love
Alicia with Never Gonna Give You Up


  1. Alicia just rick rolled the entire blog ring! OH MY GOD!

    File this under best rick roll ever!

  2. Aww, thanks for featuring my vid. Little Black Backpack is totally the jam!

  3. Is it possible to be embarrassed and totally honored at the same time?

  4. And oh yes, my husband is hawt!

  5. Just noticed that your song is missing. Why won't you show us your pussy ... song. :-)

  6. I'm sad I had to skip this round but good job everyone! We should all run away and become a blogger singing group.

  7. One of these days I'll grow a set and join you.

  8. hahah awesome - someone should have done Millions of Peaches - best one hit wonder ever.

  9. Alicia definitely rocked it, especially for her first time. I would never have the courage to do anything like this! Don't be embarrassed, it was AWESOME.