Thursday, March 10, 2011

Karaoke Ring of Death: Alcohol, Y'all!

Looks like it's Karaoke Ring of Death time again, people! The theme for March was alcohol-related songs, whether that meant songs mentioning alcohol or songs you just love to sing drunk or songs from anti-meth commercials... well, people got pretty creative this round, to say the least. If you'd like to participate in the monthly karaoke lovefest next time, send me an email at tatorhead328 at yahoo dot com.

Unfortunately, this month I wasn't able to get a video done which means that NEXT month, I'm probably going to have to get naked to make up for missing a month of the blog ring that I created. Lame. Since I'm being a big losery loser this month, I made sure to snag a video that everyone would love for my page. Today, we are lucky enough to see a video made by two people that are quite possibly the most adorable two people on the planet.

Andy is possibly the most inappropriate person I have ever come across online, but he somehow never gets in trouble for it because he's also one of the funniesst people I've ever talked to in the 20sb chat. His blog is also hilarious and includes pictures of himself dressed up like a racist. Kisekae is beyond adorable. She wears bows all the time which automatically puts me in her fan club, and she's also an amazing writer. In fact, just now when I was going to find her links, I started reading her blog and couldn't stop for 15 minutes, even though I have tons of shit to do right now. You won't regret clicking over there and reading some for yourself. Without further ado, here is a video from Andy & Kisekae. The outfit changes alone are worth watching this video. Not to mention the fact that Andy gets pretty close to naked...

Check back later today to see the full list of karaoke singers and links! To see previous month's karaoke, head over to the Karaoke Ring of Death page at the top of my blog. And a special shout out to all the new people who joined this round. You were all amazing and sexy and turned your videos in on time, so let's make out later, ok? Ok.

Kandace with Like a Prayer
DB with Sweet Home Alabama
Alexandra with Pop Bottles
Bianca with All the Small Things
Daniella with I Love College
Amanda with Fuck Her Gently
Ginny with Telephone (AND she gets her friends in on it. LOVE.)
Alex with Alcohol
Shelly with El Scorcho
David with Closing Time
Jes with Don't Stop Believing
Coyote Rose with Last Name
Jimmie with My Own Worst Enemy
Heather with S&M (rawr)
TJ with Tequila Sunrise
Lorn with American Pie
Katie with Alcohol/Whiskey Lullaby
Nyx with Alcohol
Rio with Yeah 3x
J-Roll with Tribute
Lara with Meth/Oops I Did It Again
Tabs with Home for a Rest/Don't Cha/Summer of 69

More to come...

P. S. I'm going to Dallas for my birthday the weekend of March 25th - 27th. Which means that next month's karaoke idea needs to be INSANE because I will have back up from my best friend and sister-in-law (whether they agree or not) while we're in the hotel room after going to Six Flags and MEDIEVAL FUCKING TIMES. If you think Medieval Times is lame, you have obviously never been there with me.

P. S. S. If we could find a restaurant or something to have a mini blogger meet-up while I'm in Dallas, would anyone be interested? FYI: After drinking, I always put out.


  1. I feel drunk after watching this video. Completely amazing, though not sure what it is. Loved the rapping and all the outfits, though that green thing was really scary!

  2. I am not sure what I feel right now, but I think it's pretty close to drunk! ROFL @ Andy and Kisekae!

    Sara, sending you 1 huge box full of Snuggies for starting this in the first place! I think I'm gonna muster up some courage to join this next month :D

  3. That was pretty much awesome! I love the dance moves and the tag team karaoke duet! Woo!

  4. Dude, even though I, like, failed the last three months, I'm *kinda* new this month. Haha. I just want to be whored on your blog, really. Plus... no one else did drunken karaoke in a train station! I should get mad props for that alone!

    Seriously though... I LOVE YOU.

  5. I love them beyond words and had a chance to see it before today so I am soooooo glad I waited because that was amazing.

  6. Well Andy, you should already know that I love you but this video..wa wa wiwa.

    I am glad that I watched it, for the fact that I got to see a whole lot of you, alone.

    Kisekea, you best believe I paused the video to check out your blog!

  7. Oh my goodness! This was amazing!

  8. "wa wa wiwa" OMG LOLOLOL

    Me and my friends used to say that ALL the time in high school. I'm glad I'm not alone. :)

  9. The first time I watched this, I think I died. The Borat swimsuit and you pushing Brandi over just made me lose it.

  10. This is the best karoake ever! Besides being the cutest twosome ever, Kae and Andy are funny! I hate you bitches (no, i really love you).

    Plus nothing is better than Andy in his tiger onesie and then in a dress.

  11. LMAO! Amazing. They kicked my ass.

  12. I nominate this video for best wardrobe.

  13. This video is filled with Win and Awesomeness.

    You guys must have Tiger Blood in you.

  14. Haha thanks for the comments guys :D - and thanks Sara for posting it!

    Everyone elses videos are awesomes, though I am only half way through.

  15. I was dying laughing. The costume changes were pretty awesome. I expected great things from this video Andy and you brought it!

  16. GREEN MAN. This is freaking amazing.

  17. Andy is amazing!

    I'm really bummed out that I didn't get around to this months. And I feel all guilty and shit because I promised to redeem my last month's faileoke. Oh well. Next month, or you can strip me of my karaoke badge.

    Don't worry. I'll pull through. =]

  18. Dallas: Try the restaurant "Dick's". It's supposed to be quite the experience.