Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Karaoke Ring of Death: Anti-Love/Love Edition

You know what time it is...... Karaoke Ring of Death time! Karaoke Ring of Death is a monthly karaoke event that I organize, and a new theme is chosen each month. Naturally, our theme for February is love or anti-love songs, which left the choices wide open.

I'm told all the fucking time that I look like Katy Perry, so I decided to go for it and sing a Katy Perry song. "Ur So Gay" is probably considered anti-love, right? To check out my drunk 5 AM singing, go to Lara's blog, cLARAfications, which is also one of the funniest blogs I've ever read in my entire life. Her blog makes me giggle at my desk, and she also sends me youtube videos of adorable puppies that make my ovaries cut the brakes in a convertible, drive off the side of a bridge, and die in a fiery explosion. That bitch.

You don't want to miss out on this, do you?

And here on my blog, I'll be hosting Miss B from Creative Cacophony. Miss B is one of my 20sb chat buddies, so I'm excited to have her on my blog. (That last bit sounded super dirty, right?) She did a love and an anti-love song because she's an overachiever and also because she sings way better than a lot of us which means she's a lot less embarrassed than those of us who did our karaoke videos with absolutely no voice because we fucking love you bitches. Ahem. Anyways, here's her anti-love song. Miss B suggests you watch this video with the drink of your choice in hand.

If you want to see Miss B singing "Suzie Q", head on over to YouTube and check it out. There's also some adorable dancing involved.

We have our biggest group yet this time around! So click around and come back later to see the Master Linkity List of all the karaokers, which will be updated through the day. And if you want to participate, send me an email. I even made a cute little button for participants to put on their blog.

Erin with Wonderwall
Stephanie with She Fucking Hates Me / I Will Survive
Lorn with Grow Old With You
Cassie with Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Alexandra with Didn't I Tell You
Tabs with Lay Me Down
Kandace with Right Kind of Wrong
Me with Ur So Gay
Lara with Love Stinks
Harley with Galway Girl
Ginny with Love Me Dead
Daniella with Fairytale
Amanda with Wicked Game
Coyote Rose with These Boots Are Made For Walking
Kit Marsden with Pure Narcotic
Lost with If You're Into It
Rio with I'm Yours / Grenade
Matt with Drug Kids Past & Present (which he wrote!!)
Jes with I Touch Myself (rawr)
Nugs with Special
Allie with Fuck You (Cee-Lo Green)
Shelly with My Heart Will Go On
Mandy Moore with I Can't Help Falling in Love
Bianca with Kick Drum
Ash with Love Song
Jimmie with Cosmic Love
Lorraine with Breaking Up (Trust me, it's worth the wait!)


  1. That Santeria song has been stuck in my head all day!!!!!

  2. :) I love KROD Santeria is of my favorite songs and you did a fabulous job.

  3. Mine's up, up up! And Miss B you're stunning! And you can sing! NO FAIR! I loved this vlog.

  4. Great grandma intonations with "don't let your tongue get tied"
    And then you did Sublime. Possibly my favorite band of my drug phase. Wait, possibly? No definitely. Keep on rockin, Ms B!

  5. Great song choice, plus you are totally sexy and have a nice singing voice! You win! :)

    Also, Sara, I'm not coming soon?? :(

  6. Hopefully I'll be properly prepared for the next one D:

    I'm sorry Sara of the ones who Swear A Lot!

    All the videos rocked my socks clean off!

  7. We want Lor. We want Lor. W.T.F, W.T.F.

  8. Miss B can sing! Love this song :)

  9. Awesome job, Miss B! Loved it!

  10. Um, I've said it once, I'll say it again...MISS B YOU DO EVERYTHING. You can even sing too! you never fail to impress ;D

  11. Haha I love "PUNK ASS." This was really good! You gots some sultry dance movies-- perfect song for that.

  12. Aww thank you guys!

    @Cassie: I picked this song specifically so I could say punk ass on the interwebz ;)

  13. Sublime Simply Sounds So Superb!

    Don't let your tongue get tied!

  14. I love Sublime, so this song choice is great. Plus you are super cute and can sing. I am totally jealous (i sound like dying cats when i sing).

  15. OK... HOT! And awesome!

    That is all...

  16. I have you an award on my blog.

  17. You know, I was on Gifsoup, and your gif is on the weekly popular, haha. =]

  18. Sara, has anyone ever told you you kinda look like Katy Perry?