Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bloggyversary Year One: Today's the Day!

I've been reading blogs for as long as I can remember. I started reading Dooce years ago, before I even really knew what a blog was. From there, I found more and more blogs. And that's when I fell in love. Not with writing, but with reading. I found that these people I had never even met were more interesting to me than 90% of the people I was around on a daily basis. They were funny and offensive, and they didn't give a fuck what anyone else thought.

I was (and still am) so envious of people who can put what they're thinking into words that resonate with others. Some people have this amazing ability to give people goosebumps with only their writing. That felt so powerful to me. Even though I didn't consider myself a "writer", I wanted to be a part of this group of people.

After starting this new bloggy home, I realized that blogging is not even close to what I thought it was. At first, blogging was a place to read and share funny stories. A lighthearted hobby. Something to do when I was bored at work. After a year, this blog (and you people) have become so much more than a hobby to me.

I never expected to read such personal, beautiful things in the bloggy world. I never expected to have my whole day go from shitstorm to wonderful because of a funny comment. I never expected to fall in love with so many of your faces, because you get me. Through this blog, I've made friends. Not just online friends. Real, disgusting, hilarious, perverted, silly friends, who know how to make an offensive joke and who make me say, "ZOMG, you noticed how big that guy's package (SFW) on Ever After was, too?!"

Your comments make me laugh and love you even more. I can't count the number of times I've woken up to a comment that made me lay in bed laughing so hard, my stomach hurt. Or the time I was crying in my car when I checked the mail and found a postcard from a bloggy friend that made me giggle until I'd almost forgotten what I was crying about. Comments that get me through the work day. Emails that get me through a down period in life. Jokes that make me thankful there are people with an even sicker sense of humor than me out there, so when we get to Heaven, Jesus will be all, "Well, you're not as bad as that guy... I guess you can come in."

Even months later, I read this post and the comments from you, and it makes me cry. And that is exactly what people who don't understand the blogging world are missing out on. They don't get that we aren't just a list of websites linked together. We're a goddamn community. We protect our blogging friends like mama bears, we embarrass ourselves for the sake of cheering each other up, and we give damn good e-hugs. (Along with e-head. But that's a different post for a different day.)

I thought that I was supposed to be like all these blogs I read. I thought I should be writing emotional things that make people cry. But that's just not my place in blogland. I'm not a sappy, emotional girl, so why should my blog read that way? My blog is me. It's silly and vulgar and immature at times. My blog is that girl who is crazy as shit and throws things against the wall but apologizes for it right after and you still love her because she's just too fucking adorable not to love. Yes, that's my blog.

So I want to say thank you. Thank you for letting me into your lives by writing personal, lovely things that I'm glad I get to hear about. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to. Thank you for giving Andy and me fun projects to work on together. Thank you for making me laugh and making me cry and everything in between. This year has been one of the best years of my life, and I don't doubt for a minute that part of that is owed to this blog and your blogs. You're all amazing. Now let's make out.

P. S. Not only is it my bloggyversary today, it's also the one year anniversary of one of my best (and first) bloggity friends ever, Courtney! Go read her blog because she's hilarious and gorgeous and that bish. Also, she sent me a book called "Nuns Having Fun." It doesn't get much better than that, folks.

P. S. S. I promised you some pictures, right? In my vlog yesterday, I showed my huge ass homecoming corsage. Here are the best pictures I could find. (My mother has most of the pictures from that time period at her house.)

That's me in the brown dress, in case you couldn't tell. You can see how long the corsage is in comparison to my dress. Note that the other girl in the picture has a silver corsage -- seniors get all white/silver corsages, and juniors get school colors. The guy standing next to me (not the creepy date who tried to kiss me all night) is my friend Billy, and he was on America's Best Dance Crew on MTV and yes, I am being all, I KNOW A FAMOUS PERSON LOOKATME, but it is a little exciting, don't you think? (Especially considering we're from such a small town.)

This is a better picture of all the girls with their corsages on. I'm way in the back because I was sosososo not popular, so just make fun of the girls up front.

And because I'm pretty sure I've never showed y'all a picture of our high school danceline outfits....

Don't hate. They're all traditional and shit. Apparently, girls have been wearing these (expensive ass) uniforms for decades. Shut up. You know you want to tap that.


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! Your pics are hawt, particularly that danceline one. Hubba hubba!

    I loves you girl, congrats on getting to the big 365!! ;)

  2. Happy Anniversary.

    Those danceline outfits rock. It's like you are doing a scene out of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers or something equally Rodgers & Hammerstein.

    Also those corsages are fucking huge. You could practically make a dress out of those bitches. What happened to the little wrist flower things?

  3. Happy Bloggyversary :) Even though I have not read all of your posts, I can still feel the emotion behind it! Cheers to many more bloggyversaries to come! :)

  4. I think you're wrong girl because this is some emotional shit right here. You can do it too. ;)

    I'm really glad I met you. And I'm glad you sent me your panties. And I'm glad that e-head was good for you, so I expect lots of shout-outs in that upcoming post. I'm glad that you were looking at his package too. It all makes me feel normal.

    Hoooray community!

  5. The dude from Ever After is hung like a horse. And Girthy. It's amazing. And creepy. And I feel like a pervert.

  6. I like your danceline outfit, it's cool! I'd wear that out, probably.

    Also, which crew was your friend in? I love that show, and not just because AC Slater hosts it.

  7. He was in the jump roping crew!

  8. I'm curious as to what kind of dancing you did in those outfits. Synchronized kicking? Do-see-do-ing? Pole dancing? Whatever the case, the outfits are sexual. Happy Bloggyversary!

  9. Synchronized kicking!

    And some pole dancing on the side.

  10. I love that you felt like you should be like all the 'other' blogs and write emotionally - because everytime I read your blog I feel like mine should be funnier! But just like you are not naturally emotional, I am not naturally funny. You have reassured me that we each have our place :)

  11. Happy Bloggiversary!

    Wait...those are corsages?! I thought they were a dainty little flower thingy you wear around your wrist (which I've never worn before)?

    Bejesus those look like a fire hazard!

    Oh and you're so cute when you're all bloggy-sappy. I could just tickle your pink! Er I mean...*cough* awwwkward.

  12. Happy Anniversary! Your blog quickly became one of my favorites.

  13. Happy Anniversary Sara, thank you for letting all of us have so much laughter and see the world from your eyes. I have seen every episode of ABDC and was desperately wanting to ask you "WHICH CREW???", but now I know from reading the comments :).

  14. "I was (and still am) so envious of people who can put what they're thinking into words that resonate with others."

    No need to be envious of those people - you are one. Mission Accomplished. Happy Anniversary.

  15. Fantastic!! I love the pictures. Now I know how to wear a big ass corsage properly! And a sexy line-dancing uniform as well.

    Happy Bloggyversary to you! =D

  16. Happy One Year Anniversary in the Blogosphere! That was a beautiful post regarding your experience here in the bloggy world. I fully agree with your sentiments. Can't wait to read about how you celebrated this momentous occasion.

  17. I don't think you needed a dress. I'm pretty sure the corsages we're big enough to cover anything important up.

  18. *licks you*

    The Husband found your postcard and was all 'Wtf?' and I was all 'You wouldn't understand our love, it's a blogger thing.'

  19. Remember when I said I was being super emotional and things were making me weepy all of the time?? Yeah, that's still going on. And this may or may not have fed the weep monster that lives inside of my soul.
    Such beautiful, heartfelt words, Sara. Truly. ♥

  20. Love the photos/outfits. Totally retro. : )

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Love ya


    I don't usually celebrate them, but for you I will.

  22. I just want to say that I feel famous because I'm standing next to BILLY!!! and that I wasn't a senior I was just not cool enough to be told by anyone that only seniors get to wear white and silver corsages. I just wanted to match. And that I LOVE your blog. You are by far the funniest person I know and I can not believe I've missed out for over a year :(

  23. The giant corsages still floor me. We don't do that here. I'm kind of surprised considering I live in TN.