Monday, January 10, 2011

Karaoke Ring of Death: Fuck!

This month's karaoke theme was any song with the word "fuck" somewhere in the lyrics. I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting one. I also have a feeling Baby Jesus is not going to be happy about my planning such an unholy event. My video is going to be on Lorraine's blog today, Late to the Party, because my poor friend Aly is snowed in. We're having some serious weather issues here right now, too, so I feel for you. But hey, my video is on another best bloggity friend's blog, so I'm still happy.

The video on my blog today is brought to you by Alexandra at The Tsaritsa Sez (or Sex, if you're like me and spell it wrong the first time every time). This video includes adorable dancing and jumping around and the song is one that makes you want to dry hump somebody in the backseat of your car. Links will be posted to everyone else's videos as they get posted.

We had another blogger drop out, so I get to have Christina's song on my blog today, too. I like that every month on karaoke night, I have a threesome going on over here. Christina blogs over at Christina in Wonderland, and you should definitely go read her blog when you're finished watching her video. Without further ado:

I don't know why I continue to do these things. I'm not cute like all you other bitches and man-hoes, and I cannot, I repeat, cannot sing. Anyway, I chose this song for a couple of reasons, mostly because I super love Liz Phair's early music, and because I can't for the life of me sing the Matson Jones song I *wanted* to do, "New York City Fuck Off."

So, instead, you get "Fuck And Run," which is also totally sung atrociously, but FUCK YOU I DO WHAT I WANT! I'm sorry, babies, I love you all. Anywho, my lovelies, uh, I did sort of an intro before the video itself, and I did captions this time, to let you know when it's time to push the mute button or whatever.

Peace. Out.

Other Karaoke singers:

Shelly with Fuck Her Gently
Bianca with Clint Eastwood
Lost with Too Many Mother Uckers
Mandy with I Just Don't Give a Fuck
Jami with Closer
Tabs with Last Resort
Owen with Creep
Lorraine with Makes Me Wonder
Rio with Little Lion Man
Ginny with Fuck You (Cee-Lo)
Kandace with I Almost Told You That I Loved You
Jes with Fuck You (Lil Kim)
Me with Thursday Night
Jimmie with Fuck You (Lily Allen)
Daniella with A Easy Mmm K
Cassie with You Oughta Know
Lily with A Millie

Thanks to everyone who participated for making this the biggest (rawr) and best karaoke ring yet!



  2. This is almost the first one I saw and well, I want to pre-emptively vote this one for best. dance moves. EVAR. No seriously. Alexandra you out did youself and your outfit was so cute.

    I wonder if "fucking on the dance floor" will be stuck in my head aaaaall day? Onward to the next video! :)


  3. im not much for karoke (my singing voice sucks ass) but i was at a bar friday night that had some pretty awesome singers.

    I love to listen just not paticipate.

    Keep on rockin. Ill keep watchin.

  4. This is so confusing but also so funny.

  5. So cute, Alexandra!!! Very nice!!

  6. FUCK! How am I missing all this? ughhh



  7. All I kept thinking was how skinny Tsa is! So jealous but you always introduce these songs to me I dont know.

  8. I cant see Christina's video!!!

  9. Shit. :( I'll email her and figure it out.

  10. Yeah, permission DENIED on Christina's!

    Tsa - you rocked that! Winner for cutting the best shapes: YOU!

  11. SHIT! Problem solved. You-Tube defaults me with some shit about private shit. Ugh. It's fixed now... as if you even want to listen. Lol.

  12. Thanks so much, everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed my wacky dancing, and also happy to introduce you all to Dirty Sanchez!!

    @Suburban Sweetheart: I don't understand, what was confusing??

  13. @Tsarista: you know you're cool as fuck when you can dance around like mad and keep a straight face.

    Great job by both of you ladies. These videos always crack me up.

  14. Christina!! I love Liz Phair!!! Great song choice, and good job singing :)

  15. OK I wish I would have heard about this sooner. I am kindove obsessed with karaoke but blogaroke.. AMAZING.

  16. I am willing to host more videos if people need/want theirs up!

  17. I feel like a vlogring reject.

  18. Awe! Alexandra's so adorable. I think I want to be in on next months. Where do I sign up?

    Hey! I passed a blog award to you for rocking so much.
    Go read and claim your award. =]

  19. Christina's intro cracked me up. I love how everyone feels the need to explain themselves before they get started.

    And Alexandra-- oh my goodness. You do not break character. Best dance moves I've seen yet. In life or otherwise. Wow.

  20. TSAR I LOVE YOU!!!! I seriously do. Your videos always make me happy in the weirdest way. :)

  21. Tsarista, I am so jealous of your awesomeness. Epic.

    Christina, great job :)

  22. Christina, your 5-minute video took me 30 minutes to watch because my internet provider hates me... But I watched. I'm supportive like that. And you are badass.

  23. @Gnetch: It took your 30 minutes! Holy shit, girl, you are dedicated. I love you... :)

  24. 1. i could possibly contribute to karaoke blog thing...

    2. when are you coming down thisa way? i want to make sure i have a night off to kidnap you! : ]

  25. not literally kidnap. because that would be just freaky, yo. but, yanno. drinks and stuffs.

  26. Um. Woman!? Did you get the shirt? Zazzle sent me a reminder email.

  27. So fucking excellent! I'm an instant fan!

  28. I give everyone credit! I don't think I could post a video of me singing! Hmmmm...something to think about tho! Everyone did awesome but are a star, hun!

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  30. Sounds like someone^ got turned down by a sexy American lady. Grow the fuck up, dude!!

  31. Sara, what is the name of the song you did, and who is the artist?

  32. It's called Thursday Night by Honey Honey. I saw them open for Lifehouse, and they were so adorable. :)

  33. How the fuck did I miss this?? ERR! Where have you been all my blog reading life?

  34. This is the best thing I've ever seen in my whole life. Why am I just now finding out about the Karaoke Ring? Holy shitballs.