Thursday, December 9, 2010

Karaoke Night: Showtunes!

You all remember last month's karaoke, right? If you don't, it was awesome, and it's happening again. Last month's theme was 90s, and this month's theme ended up being showtunes. I'm going to start off by saying PLEASE blame the Four Loko for my video. I take zero responsibility for this video. ZERO. I had to edit the shit out of that video just so y'all wouldn't make fun of me and throw an egg at my head instead of picking me up for prom and then I go inside and cry all night.

If you want to see mine (please don't), go visit Jami's blog. It isn't posted yet, so I'm really hoping that y'all will forget to go back and watch it. Everyone else's videos are amazing, and mine is..... lesbian trucker. You should probably just go to Jamie's blog and read the things she writes because they are much, much better than my awful video.

I get to host one of the only boy karaoke-ers. This is Lost from You Know What Really Grinds My Gears who, by the way, picked a great song choice. He is always hilarious and always adorable, plus he has an accent which means that 90% of the girls participating in this blog ring would bone him. Stopjudging.

Lost sings "I Feel Pretty" from Danger Mouse on Vimeo.

And thank God I got Jami's video in time to get it on here because it is amaaaaaaazing. Not to mention, she can actually sing unlike some of us. *ahem* (me). Check out her blog - the link is up there!

Thank you, Risha, for organizing this month. You're amazing.

I'll add links to everyone else's karaoke videos as they're posted:

Mandy Moore with Love is Strange
Michelle with Part of Your World
Ash with Going Through the Motions
Christina with Something to Sing About
Risha with Do-Re-Mi
Cassie with Circle of Life
Jes with Out Tonight
Shelly with I Enjoy Being a Girl
Alexandra with Hard Knock Life
Ginny with Something Better
Erin with One Song Glory
Tabitha with Any Dream Will Do
Kandace with The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow
Me with Top That
Bianca with When You're Good to Mama
Matt with Louder Than Words
Lauren with S.O.S.


  1. I love him. I think I have lost track of how many bloggers I would like to have children with, but Lost is at the top. Im sad he didnt do a longer video! <3

  2. Oh and P.S. As bad as you have talked your video up to be, I am thinking it is going to be epic.

  3. Watching Lost rock it. YEAH BOIIIIIIIII

  4. I've been drunkenly refreshing my RSS feed to see when you'd update your blog with the master list, only to find that you had the master list up all along, and the feed is, somehow mysteriously, not up-to-date. Fuck the feed.

    Anywho, this is marvelous. I really don't think Lost could've picked a better song... y'know, being a dude and all. :)

  5. Sara, your karaoke isn't up yet but I want to let you know that I already am super jeally because you drank freakin four loko to prepare. I (well, the bf) went to 4 different stores to find one for me but they've already pulled em off the shelves. F you, San Francisco for enforcing the ban. And F you for having a much better night than I did. xoxo

  6. Oh, and Lost- great job! next time, talk more at the beginning so we can hear the accent :)
    -michelle, not max.

  7. I missed the finger dancing this time around, but the hands behind your back, schoolboy at assembly pose totally made up for it. Excellent song choice. I had to stifle my giggles at work so people wouldn't wonder about what's got me choking from laughing so hard.

    Also, "plus he has an accent which means that 90% of the girls participating in this blog ring would bone him" is probably true. By probably I mean definitely.

  8. That is hilarious. Also, Jes' comment on here is hilarious.

  9. oh my goodness! this is fantastic! Sooo PrrRReeEEEttTTTy!

  10. Thanks all you awesome dudes and dudettes.

    That last note was killer!

  11. Aw.... I love my Lost cutie friend!! And if he wanted kids I would totally be his surrogate baby mama. But our kids would be so cute that I'm not sure the world could handle it. And Lost... should I be concerned that you know this song so well? ;)

  12. Hahaha, so cute! And I'm loving that Calgary Flames shirt back there.. :)

  13. Hahahah, this was a perfect song choice. I loved it!!West Side Story is my dad's favorite musical.

  14. Don't worry, I posted your video. An elephant never forgets.

    Oh, and that's Jami without an e :)

  15. That is awesome. I so wish I could get out and go.
    But on house arrest, sportsman wont be letting me out of his sight anytime soon. : (

    Do drink some for me while ya.

  16. Jami, I'd like to mention that your dancing is the same exact way I dance in my car on the way home from work. We're like dancing soul mates.

  17. Uh-oh looks like we need to do a cage match rap battle between Bianca and Jami, lol--just playin. Great mic, sweetheart!

  18. Ahhh, the fedora hat!!!! I've been outcostumed, damnit! I should have thought of that. Nice performance, Jami!!

  19. I loved both of these videos. Lost always brings it, and his super badassery for doing that song must not go unnoticed! And, Jami, you have a good voice! Great job both of you!

  20. Both of you killed it! Seriously.

    And for a guy to to I feel pretty. You get extra points just for that.

  21. Okay, so I officially have an e-crush on you Lost. Great job.

    And Jami, holy shiznit, you knocked the rest of us out of the park with those pipes! Frigging amazing.

  22. Ohhh you lucky BITCH! :o)

    If this makes no sense, check out Red Means Go!

  23. How do I get in on next month's, seriously?? I GOTTA.

  24. How did I just see all of these now?? This is so excellent.