Saturday, October 2, 2010

Testing! Testing! Do Not Be Alarmed!

I'm doing HTML type things that people with anger issues like me really shouldn't attempt to do. If this is my last post, it probably means that I stabbed myself in the heart because I couldn't get it to work properly. Say nice things at my funeral.

At the moment, the picture of me to the right is HUUUUUUGE, and I didn't realize quite how disapproving my eyes looked so that when you're jacking it to my posts, you can see my judgmental eyes watching you. Andy said I should make the picture scroll down WITH you just to creep y'all the fuck out.

::EDIT:: Yay screenshots!

So no worries! Creepy "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, OVER HERE PLEASE! EVERYONE COME AND SEE HOW GOOD I LOOK!" Sara will be gone shortly.

If you have a life and weren't here Friday night to experience the creepy overload, sucks to be you.

P. S. Chicka chicka owwwwww


  1. I see you fixed it already. I got a screenshot of it for anyone who wants to see your disapproving eyes larger than life. Heeheehee... (That's my evil-but-not-really laugh.)

    By the way, love your blog and glad you're still here. :)

  2. Victory to HTML tweaking survivors! YAAY!If you need help,just holler :)


  3. Bah, yeah I don't have a life and was sleeping so I missed out the creepy overload.
    Great now my whole day is shot.
    Plus our software is down so I literally have nothing to do till noon.


  4. PS...I'm liking the way it's looking.

  5. How did you know I was jacking it?

    Can you really see me with that?

  6. Ugh. I have to work completely in html at my job and it's a newly acquired skill. I'm just asking for hundreds of seeping stomach ulcers, aren't I?

  7. the little navigation bar at the top of my blog required much more html coding than anyone should ever let me attempt. that said, if you need help with anything, let me know!

    *I will always jack it to your posts regardless of your disapproving eyes.


  8. How did you do it? My site has been asking for a much-needed makeover for months now, but I'm afraid to fuck with it.

  9. Have you been to 20sb today? You should go...

    Just saying.


  10. :-D

    Yes, get to 20sb ASAP!

    P.S i wanna be on your random button!

  11. I wish I could be a part of 20sb :(

  12. Ya, well at least your smart enough to make changes to your blog format. I suck so bad that mine will forever be the same.