Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bloggerstock: Ghost Stories

Okay, it's bloggerstock time again, y'all! I have an amazing guest blogger named Jennifer coming over here for Halloween to share a spooky story. During a series of email exchanges, we both realized that we are ah-maz-ing because we adore Teen Mom, Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, etc. etc. etc. and then some. Afterwards, Jennifer made one statement that really stuck out to me. I believe this quote about working a haunted house truly expresses just why I like her.

"I hope I make some poor child piss their pants."

That's my goal on a pretty regular basis.

If you want to read mine (it's not that great, trust) head over to the other Jennifer's blog. Because for this bloggerstock, I'm apparently in a Jennifer sandwich.


And on to the show..... here's Jennifer!

Bloggerstock is basically a blog-swap event …OF. EPIC. PROPORTIONS! Or, so they’re getting there. Every month, you can sign up to participate. There is a topic everyone has to write about and you are assigned a blog to post on. You also receive a guest to post on your blog. And around and around we go. You can check out my blog to see a guest post from Bret at Slightly Disappointing. It’s fun, so sign up!

The topic this month is: "Spooky- Tell your best ghost story, it can be real or fiction. If you don't have a ghost story, then tell us about your favorite Halloween costume."

Well, I'm going to do BOTH!

And onto my post!!

I was never one who wanted to believe in ghosts, afraid I might channel some dead person who used to live in my house to appear to me when I was alone. Then, knowing my luck, my “channel” would be open and all kinds of poltergeist would come into my life, sucking me into televisions and throwing me in mud pools filled with skeletons.

My grandmother passed away in 2004, and as much as I think I would like to see her one more time, to hear her voice again, I just know that if she appeared IRL (“in real life” for those of you not familiar with popular lingo), I would freak out. So instead, I’m content with dreams about her and with small “happenings” in my world, which I pretty much convince myself is her. Let’s go through our evidence, shall we?

1. My mom is not a crazy, yet she has heard her mother call out her name early in the morning.

2. My parents had a clock radio that they used for an alarm. The alarm was set to a popular hits channel that my mom frequently listens to. This radio kept going off at times when she did not have an alarm set. My dad would turn it off and they wouldn’t think anything of it from there. Then, on my grandmother’s birthday, the alarm went off again….and it was tuned to an oldies station. Which my parents never listen to. Which my grandmother was a big fan of. Again, my dad turned off the alarm and they went about their weekend activities. However, 10 minutes later, the alarm went off again. Oldies, again. Finally my mom unplugged the radio all while saying, “Happy Birthday, Mom”.

3. Again, on my grandmother’s birthday of a different year, my aunt was sitting at her computer at home, thinking of her mother, when her son’s flashlight that was on the desk next to her turned on. She picked it up, made sure everything was screwed tightly, turned it off, and laid it on the desk again. A couple of minutes later, it turned on again. The next day, I had the same thing happen to me.

Who knows if ghosts/angels actually exist. Small happenings like that make me happy that some communication might be going on within my family. We have also distinctly heard pennies being dropped into our piggy bank a couple of months after my great-grandmother died. She was a big believer in saving all of your coins. Who knows how the universe works?

On my other part of the topic: I was Harry Potter once for Halloween and this guest post would probably not be appreciated by my host if I didn't include this:

I cast spells. And apparently look like a bat more than anything else.


  1. HAHA Yeah you do look like a bat! A bat with SEXXXAY heels!
    I totally didn't follow the rules of the spooky theme.
    Well the guy who's supposed to post mine...apparently didn't receive it went to his junk mail.

  2. You look like what would happen if Harry Potter, Paris Hilton, and Dracula all had a love child together. :)

    And, on the ghost subject, I used to live in a haunted house. Seriously. It's some messed up stuff.

  3. I believe in ghosts and what you described seems like a nice way of your grandmother letting you know she's still around.

    Cool costume, but where's the lightning bolt on your head?

  4. Hey! Harry Potter AND ghost stories.

    We need to hang out and make some poor child piss their pants.

  5. I hate ghosts... especially the kind that can use flashlights... eeek!

  6. The pictures! Oh, the pictures. They made me laugh.

    Also, I definitely believe in signs like the ones you've described. Nothing like that has ever happened to me, but my mom had similar experiences she completely believes to be from my grandmother.