Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Seven Traumatic Pictures From Sara's Childhood

So not ONE person said they didn't want to see me do a vlog in the poll so that was pretty sexciting. Also, I'm thinking of keeping a poll on this bloggity blog for a while and just switching out the questions every once in a while. So keep a look out for that.

Now on to the vlog! I was given the "assignment" of doing a Seven Things meme that was given to me by Aly from Calling People Names. I decided to do it in vlog form because I'm awesomeamazingcool like that. Also, don't judge harshly. It's fucking difficult to be entertaining doing a one-sided conversation. Besides the awkward one-sided conversation part, this is pretty much how I sound because I didn't edit this thing AT ALL because I don't know how to edit videos I wanted y'all to experience me as I really am.

Oh, but there was an edit button that I did figure out, and it made this glow on my face that makes it look like I'm in heaven so I kept it. You're welcome.

*Video best if viewed with pants off.


And I guess I need to pass this shit on now, huh? Here are the seven lucky bitches that I am challenging to complete the Seven Things meme. And I'm mainly challenging these particular people because I desperately want them to do it in vlog form. I tried to only pick people that I'm fairly certain aren't anonymous. So DO IT!

Bianca at Bianca and the B-Sides (A new favorite!)
Courtney at Uncourked
Nicole at Sweeney Says...
The Tsaritsa at the Tsaritsa sez

After the weekend of the 18th, you'll be able to see me as I really, really am because I'm meeting a bloggity friend (Nug) (who I'm obviously also tagging) in NEW FUCKING ORLEANS because she's the best and has decided to make a trip with a friend here and our plan is to make a DRUNK VLOG. A druvlog, if you will. If you're anywhere close enough to make a last minute decision to get drunken with us in NOLA, please send me an email because I would love to meet you. (Blow jays not necessarily a given, but y'neverknow, y'know?)


  1. Your town's name is like my last name haha. Thanks for the challenge, I'll probably do it in vlog form, too. I also don't know how to edit videos...

  2. I was worried about watching the vlog, because usually hearing someone speak and seeing them "in video" makes me like them less, because it changes my opinion of them and my perception is skewed and I have to go eat cheetos and cry about it...but not the case here.

    You slightly remind me of myself...which is weird to watch. Your intonation or something...which is odd because I'm from New Jersey. OKAYCOOLTHANKSBYETHISISEMBARRASSING.

  3. Awesome Job!! And a drunk Vlog would be awesome.

  4. Oh holy shit, I love Mulan! You should sing it for us.. in vlog form, of course. Perhaps in your druvlog!

    As for the challenge, I might actually be too stupid to do the whole vlog thing, but I shall certainly look into it... At the very least, I'll do one the traditional way. Thanks for the linky love! Awesome stories!!

  5. I will absolutely vlog this. Once I figure out what I'm supposed to do. Seven what? I don't even know what seven is, sometimes. I think it's that one that comes after four, right?

    Anyway. Maybe I'll druvlog it.

  6. I want to be in NOLA to meet you, but I have to attend a biker rally this weekend and alas, these boobies aren't just gonna show themselves, now are they? Plus I have a pink cowboy hat with a tiara attached to the front that LIGHTS UP!! You can't wear this kind of thing just anywhere, you know. And because you are the greatest thing since sliced white bread, I got my present! It and the awsomeness that it contains is now adorning the Casa De Crazy with much fabulousness. I will definitely find you something at the Harley rally to send to you. And it probably won't even have to be disinfected first. BONUS! Thank you for the letter and blowjob reference too. It defintely makde the man wonder what I've been up to again.

  7. I only jerked it twice to this.

    I was upset that your accent wasn't more noticeable. Louisiana has lied to me again.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Oh mean. MEAN! You tagged me to VLOG!


    I'm RUBBISH at talking to a camera!

    I love those photos, also do you smoke? You have a smoker's voice. It's HAWT.

  10. Loved it!! :)

    And I did see your earlier vlog.

    AND... I had a third point that was relevant, but I've forgotten. Damn it!

  11. These are all photos I would untag on Facebook. And I can't wait to hear all the accents! You know I watched the first vlog on mute. Also without pants.

    I kept waiting for the dogs!

  12. So this must be like the blogging "Double Dog Dare" right?

    Fucking fuck.

    Also? "Yeah your teeth are really straight. Now if you use those Crest Whitening strips they'll make them not so yellow" ".....Really..?......"
    I was watching this while getting ready for work this morning and spit my toothpaste all over my screen because I laughed so hard.

    And I may have been naked. Bow chicka wow woww?

    You're a fucking riot.

  13. OMG. You are so funny. I'm watching this at work right now and people probably wonder why I'm laughing out loud so loudly at 8am. You're hilarious! And, you may hate me for saying this, but you sound JUST like Trichelle from the Real World Vegas!!! haha! She was from "Cut Off" Louisiana if that's anywhere near you??!

  14. Haven't watched the video because the only time I read blogs is when I am working and we have an open office and I'm afraid the owner wouldn't really care to hear a slew of Foxtrot bombs, but I will be in NOLA Saturday afternoon/night for a friend's bachelor party.

  15. I promise you that "I" didnt jerked it to this at all. ha ha

    Congrats! I could never do a vlog. Too shy.

  16. Dammit...I want to go to New Orleans.
    CrabBucketloads of people I know have recently gone there.

    (Flights are pretty cheap.)

    It's on my list fo realz.

  17. I recorded myself on my phone, Derek told me I was upside down. So much for editing. I sound weird, you have oh la-la voice. LOVE it Nipples.

  18. I LOVE you.... haha. Druvlog FTW!!!!

    I can't fucking wait for NOLA. It's going to be EPIC.


  19. Check it out, yo: I did my seven things, too!

  20. Ok first off if I had something to jerk I would have been doing it the minute the video started. That being said I did not hear the word vagina one time.

  21. I totally watched that vlog with my pants off.

  22. Nicole is right... def needs more vagina.