Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday

So this week has blown major ass so far. All eight of my friends at work quit over the previous two to three weeks so I now have no one to help me get through the day. My in-laws were in town for Memorial Day weekend so I got no sleep. My air conditioner in my house isn't working, and the high temperature this weekend is over 100 degrees. I'm too poor to afford to have someone come fix the A/C right now so me, my fiancee, and our three dogs will be sweating our balls off for a few weeks.

(And I don't want to hear ANY of you say, "Well, it's 90 degrees here, Sara. We're hot, too!" NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Until you live in Louisiana/Texas with the sweltering heat and humidity, you never get to complain about heat. I've been to states a little further north in the summers. And it is absolutely nothing compared to here. In Louisiana, the heat sucks the breath right out of you. So shut the fuck up, northern complainers.)

And on to Weigh-In Wednesday.

Starting Weight: 189.2
Last Week's Weight: 182.4
Current Weight: 181.4
This Week's Loss: 1.0
Total Loss: 7.8

At least something went right this week.

I should also let you know that I am trying something new that not everyone agrees with: Adipex. A wonderful, beautiful, amazing, bestfriendforever weight loss drug. The reason I have chosen to use this to help me along for the next 2.5 months is because I'm getting married in FIVE months. Planning a wedding is stressful enough without having to worry about losing weight to look good in pictures.

I will be taking adipex for 3 months, and my goal is to lose 30 pounds which should honestly be a piece of cake. I figured some of you might like to know how it works from a personal perspective so I'll give you my thoughts on the process as I'm using it.

I've been taking Adipex for exactly one week. I typically take it in the afternoon and get a huge rush of adrenaline. I get shit done at work, I'm incredibly friendly, and I can't wait to get home and work out. I'm not hungry. Ever. Like, so not hungry that I have to remind myself to eat otherwise I'll get a severe headache.

I can run much longer distances on the treadmill, and I actually look forward to getting on the scale the next day.

Now, adipex is not a "miracle drug". Yes, it will make the weight fly off of you. Yes, you will lose weight without even lifting a finger. BUT. If you don't use it properly and with caution, you will end up gaining it all back. Adipex decreases your appetite. When you stop taking it, your appetite comes back. So now YOU have to control how much you eat and how often you work out.

Hopefully, I will get to my goal weight and be able to maintain it. And look smoking hot in my wedding pictures, obviously.


  1. Mmm. Boob sweat.

    I wouldn't mind using a pill to help me get started, you know. Kick it into high gear. The problem is, I don't eat because I'm hungry. Heh. Thanks mom, for the happy/sad/bored eater gene.

  2. Yeah, tell me about it! My family used to celebrate happy occasions with ice cream and mourn sad occasions with ice cream. I've carried that attitude with me my whole fucking life!

    On Adipex though, you don't even want to eat. Food doesn't really have much of a taste so you only eat what you have to.

  3. Nicely done with the one pound loss! I'm definitely interested to see how the Adipex thing goes for you. Don't forget to add your link to my little linky thingamajig!

  4. Ugh I would die with no A/C down there. I mean its gets pretty hot and humid in NC, but i can't imagine how bad it is down there. I got pissed my A/C wasn't blowing hard enough the other night and put my head in the freezer. I would lose it down there.

  5. In Louisville we have hot, humid summers AND cold, snowy winters. So I feel I can bitch a little bit...

  6. yeah, i'm a/c free, too, but it's not as hot up here. good luck with the weight loss! looks like all is going well so far- i haven't ever heard of adipex, but hey, whatever works for ya!

  7. Does Australia heat compete with Texas heat? I don't know. I've never been to Texas. But it gets pretty frikkin hot in summer here. Like up to 43 degrees celcuis? I don't know what that is in Fariegnheight. Turns out I also don't know how to spell Fareighnheight. Whatever. But I DO feel your pain. We're in winter now, but this summer just gone was the equal hottest ever and I was living in a flat with no air conditioning on the top floor. Heat rises. AND I was living with an Englishman. I think that was more painful than the heat. They are not good with hot weather.


  8. good luck on this :) i hope you reach your goal. btw. You're blog is amazing lol.

  9. well i was reading the first post up there (about vaginas) and got distracted by this one. Adipax. I'm begging my doc to get, she said no. I spent almost $200 for some online. Fake shit. I may need a new doc. So either spill your doc's name or tell me what the street value of it is ;)
    [in seriousness, a friend has had major success on it - and learned new eating habits...good luck!]

  10. Is Adiplex like the Duromine equivalent in Australia? - I realised you probably aren't going to just know that so I looked it up. Answer is yes. So it's like legalised speed. And it's fucking A. But you were right on the money when you said it's an awesome tool but it's up to you to make permanent life changes.
    Good luck with it.