Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday / Sorry This Post Is Boring

And now for another weekly installment of Tabitha's Weigh-In Wednesday.

Starting Weight: 189.2
Last Week's Weight: 186.0
Current Weight: 185.0
This Week's Loss: -1.0
Net Difference: -4.2

One pound is one pound more than can go to hell and terrorize someone else. I don't really have much dieting news except that I ate a chocolate covered donut this morning, and it was delicious. How's that for dieting?

Also? I'm pretty sure my stomach is rebelling against that donut right now so I might be having a TMI moment in the bathroom soon.

In unrelated news, I attempted a vlog last night after a glass of wine, and I was all over the place so I quit that shit pretty fast. Maybe I'll try another one if I have anything decent to talk about. What do other people do their vlogs on?

Sorry this post sucks balls, scroll down for something slightly more entertaining.


  1. Haha -- I don't think this post sucks balls at all! And no worries about what time you get your WIW post up...that's what the edit button is for! :)

  2. Good job with the one pound. Yum chocolate covered doughnuts.hmmm mmmmm....Anyway, I vlog every Friday. I typically answer five questions from readers or link up with Mama M.'s 5 Question Friday. You should give it a whirl! It's fun.

  3. I've been eating Kelloggs cereal for breakfast and sometimes dinner and staring at the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF JUNK FOOD ON OUR SHELVES and dying. Just dying.

    It's good for me. I know it is.

    But...there are Nerds, and cheescake (I will murder a bitch for cheesecake), and cookies, and chips, and...fuck I hate my fat ass family.


    Vlogging. I usually have half a bottle of wine before I start and then I just cuss a lot and laugh at myself. Once I held in a burp and it was funny. Or, they said it was funny.

    Pre-pick out a funny story and tell it after you've had a few glasses.

  4. one pound is better than nothing! and better than me who needs to start exercising and eating healthy. that will start in 2 days. i want to start vlogging too! i've made one and thought i sounded retarded so i deleted it :) maybe one day i'll actually post something...

  5. Tabitha - I always say I'm going to write my post right when I get to work but then people actually expect me to work! WTF, right?

    mrsk - I watched your vlog, and you are just too damn cute. Hating you a little. (Don't worry, it's totally a compliment.)

    OWO - Ohmgod, cheesecake. Just throw the pounds straight on my ass please. Worth it!

    Sam - You should DEFINITELY do a vlog. I love hearing how people sound on them because it's never what I expected. For instance? I have the most nasally voice known to mankind.