Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Made a Vlog! Sober!

I finally did my vlog. With no alcohol. Impressed? You should be. I was planning on getting tipsy as fuck before I started. This vlog is basically a follow-up to this post. With a little extra added in.

I know my beauty is pretty difficult to deal with so just calm yourselves before watching. And if you really need one, I'll send you a nudey picture of myself. Only if you really need it, though.

Also, I'm sorry for moving around so damn much, but I'm a bit of a fidgeter. And the webcam isn't exactly the best piece of video equipment. And I don't know why part of the video is getting cut off, but I'm not a computer expert so just deal.

Here goes nothing...


  1. Okay, firstly. Penny Lane looks gorgeous. I want.
    Second. I hate cats too!
    Thirdly. My boyfriend does the same to The Hills and Gossip Girl. He completely ruins it, ON PURPOSE.
    Fourthly, I don't really have another point but I feel like I should.
    But I laughed out loud to your story haha!

  2. Damn, do swear a lot. Keep it up.

  3. I'm scared of cats and dogs! I would touch them only if they are on leash. Well obviously you don't have cats on leash! So yes I'd pretty much run into a fence too if I see a dog after me. LOL

    I was watching The Hills last night (re-run) and to be honest, I'm no big fan.

    Anyway! Yes! I'll be posting on your blog! I have to admit that I have no clue about what to write since I don't really have a theme song. I need to do some digging. ;p

  4. Haha... you do swear a lot. Even more than me, if that's possible. I would give you an award, if I had one, but I'm too lazy to make one up.

    I'm a follower.

  5. You hate all cats EXCEPT mine, right?? How could you hate this????

  6. MissLiv - She is gorgeous, and she knows it. She tries to get away with stuff because of it. And what is it with men making fun of Gossip Girl so damn much? I realize that Chuck makes that annoying puckered lip face a lot, but every single time Chuck comes on the screen, my fiancee just starts laughing. What a tool! : )

    Yournamehere - I'm going to have terrible swearing children one day. Then God will have the last laugh. He's such a jerk sometimes.

    Johana - I don't know if I could live a life without dogs! I just can't get enough of their adorable little faces! Until they pee on the floor, that is... then I wonder why I thought having three dogs was a good idea.

    TAK - I toned my cussing down for this video!! Maybe I just use fuck a little too much. I should start mixing some damns, shits, and hells in there, too.

    LiLu - Okay, okay, I don't HATE cats. And I actually love kittens. I just hate cats that seem to LIVE in my yard. What the hell is up with that? Why own a cat when you never see it because it's living in my yard?? Yuck. Damn cats.

  7. Just so you know, I plan on watching this as soon as I can. Videos are a pain in my ass. But I wouldn't miss this one.

  8. You are even greater on video than I expected! Puh-leeeeze can we be friends? :-)

  9. OWO - I always have to remind myself to check people's videos when I get home from work so I don't get reprimanded. I don't trust any of these crazy bloggers to not get naked right when my boss is walking behind me, yaknowwhadimsaying?

    Tabitha - We are TOTALLY friends. I would like to dance with you because I'm pretty sure we would be the hawtest things around, and the dancing on your video was just amazing.

  10. glad you feel comfortable enough to not wear a bra around me...cause i don't wear underware when i watch you :o) Am I your best friend yet?
    Wow, all three of them quit on the same day???? They sound like they would be perfect 'Purple Koolaide' drinkers!!! Like oh my god, i know what we should do, we should totally like all quit like on the same day then we can be like super best friends forever and like fuck the whole company up with our awesome rebellious ways...we will be so cool and like everyone will be jealous
    (this was the conversation that went on in my head when you said that they all quit on your vlog it went on a lot longer than that and i had to pause you for a moment while i saw it to it's conclusion but there wasn't anything really interesting that happened after that...apart from the three of them wearing nike sneakers covered in a purple shroud with half empty styrofoam cups containing purple koolaid) so i don't know what i was writing about, just rambling...ok bye bye

  11. Ok, I finally got to watch this.

    I love you.

    I think we were separated at birth.

    Let's be sisters.