Monday, May 31, 2010

Bloggerstock: My Theme Song

Today will be my very first ever guest posting. (Clap hands here.) Johana Hill will be writing a post on her theme song for her life so pay attention, bitches. You might learn something important. I would put up a link to where I'm posting but dude never let me know what email address he wanted me to send it to. In case you're wondering? My theme song for life is the Hannah Montana theme show song. You think you know a person....

I would be a little more charming, but the in-laws are in town for a surprise visit this weekend which means I'm trying to keep my sanity aka trying not to stab my face off with a spoon. Without further ado...

Huzzah! My name is Johana Hill and I blog over at The Mercurial Wife. You are invited to drop by anytime you darn wish! Now you might be wondering why did I hack Sara's blog? I did not! I swear! It's a Bloggerstock blog-swap! And I'm glad I got to swap this month's theme with Sara. Besides swearing a lot she's funny and smart! But we know that. ;)

Anyway, Bloggerstock is the brainchild (or lovechild?) of a few 20sb-ers who came together and created this beautiful 'child' whose sole purpose is to "link a bunch of bloggers together in a blog-ring". Discover and be discovered, in a nutshell. However, the child comes with a few house rules! I know, right? But it's not that bad. It's fun-ner! Okay, so this month theme is "What is your theme song?".

When I clicked on the appropriate link to participate in this month's Bloggerstock blog-swap, I felt confident and said to myself, "Here, this should be easy!" Have you got any theme song? Have you even thought about it? Not until after I clicked on the link!

Boy oh! boy! I started a mental check-list of all my favorite songs and still came up blank. There's not even a single song out there which remotely bears any resemblance to my life. After a careful and tedious calories-burned-thought-process, I opted for Chasing Pavements by the lovely Adele. I love that song more than I love food! And that's saying a lot. Very, very.

I know many of you know Adele but for those who don't, they should defnitely check the song out. I'm so nice that I decided to bring it to you! ;p

"Should I give up or should I keep chasing pavements? Even if it leads nowhere..." That's a question I ask myself everytime Mr. Big Decision knocks on my door.

Hope you liked the song!

Sara, thank you so much for having me here. ;p I'm a fan of your blog. And keep swearing love! *hugs*

Thanks to the Bloggerstock's team who made this possible. ;p


  1. Hey, my e-mail is Sorry I'm late with that.

  2. Such a good song! Thanks for posting it.

    Plus, you're funny ;)

  3. I really need to keep up with the 20SB stuff. I never check it.

  4. Thank you Sarah! I'm a bit late...been busy. Will catch up soon. Much love! ;p