Monday, March 29, 2010

Birthday Blues Part 2

I didn't realize there would be a happy ending to my birthday blues tale from last week. The people I work with like me apparently (go figure, right?) and threw me a birthday party at work on Friday. I found out that they had been running around all day getting a card signed, picking up a cake, and collecting for the Sara-is-so-fucking-poor-can-we-please-get-that-bitch-some-money-so-she-can-cut-her-damn-hair fund.

And I have never been surprised before in my life (concerning birthdays anyway), so this was a big, happy shock. I even teared up a little.

The 21st birthday partying was a success, too. Although I only stayed out until 2:30. I spend the first half of the night saying (yelling), "STAYIN' OUT TIL 6 AM WHOOOOOOO" and at 2:30 was more "Gonna be sick....let's go home." But what was I supposed to do when people were buying me birthday shots, turn them down? Hell no. No drinks wasted here.

(Aside: I realized this weekend that I am, in fact, a woo girl. I'm all calm and shit until I've had one too many rum and coke drinks and then BAM! I'm woo-ing all over the place.)

And after I puked, I was ready to go party again, but we were almost home. Guess I'll save that for next weekend.


  1. Yay! Happy birthday! Glad it was awesome and stuff!

  2. Happy 21st birthday!!!! Sounds like you work at a cool place!

  3. Thanks! : ) I guess I got lucky with my job!

  4. 21st birthday celebrations are overrated. You plan on staying out until dawn and being blissfully tanked, but really you only end up slightly drunk and in bed with a a guy you never would have slept with otherwise because you promised yourself you were going to have birthday sex, damn it.

    I mean...

    Happy Birthday!

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